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Philippines Embassy in Los Angeles California - Philippine Consulate General

philippine embassy in los angeles california

If you are looking for the Philippine Embassy in Los Angeles California, you’ll find instead the Philippine Consulate General.  The Philippine Consulate is the official diplomatic mission of the Philippines to the western region of the United States.  The consulate/embassy provides various consular services including passport processing ( applications and renewals ),  dual citizenship applications, visas, passports, outreach missions, and the latest travel advisories.


Things To Do Before Visiting The Philippine Consulate / Embassy

Before you visit the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles, make sure to follow the tips below so your trip isn’t wasted.  The Philippine Consulate representatives are very strict but are very helpful.  You have to understand that preparation is key when visiting this place because the transactions here are sensitive ( passports, dual citizenships, etc.)  Make sure you come prepared so you don’t have to take a second trip specially for those people who have to travel from out of state.  

  1. Visit The Website : and read thoroughly the requirements for the purpose of your visit.
  2. Make an appointment!  It is very important that you make an appointment before visiting so you get the best service.
  3. Gather all necessary documents required!  Make extra copies for you, for the consulate, and for any surprise mistakes so you can correct these while you are with the representative.
  4. Make copies of your drivers license, passports, and ID’s
  5. Print and make multiple copies of all the required documents for your application.  Make sure to fill them out as good as you can. During your appointment, if there are any mistakes, you can get one of the copies you brought and make the corrections.  This is why I highly recommend being very prepared and bringing extra copies.  You don’t want them to turn you away!
  6. Be prepared, bring all required and requested documentations whether you are applying for a passport or your dual citizenship.  

Philippine Consulate General Services

The Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles serves the western region of the United States.  The services they offer include the following below.

  • Passport
  • Dual Citizenship (R.A. 9225)
  • Civil Registry
  • Visa
  • Overseas Voting Information
  • Consular Notarization
  • Outreach Missions
  • Latest Travel Advisories

Make sure to visit their website at to get the most accurate information.

Philippine Consulate General Los Angeles California Location

The Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles is located at 3435 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 550 Los Angeles, Ca 90010.  It is inside the Equitable Building.

Parking is available onsite through the underground garage which can be found easy on the side of the Equitable Building.  You are also able to park by the meters but we highly recommend parking in the garage.  

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